Wishing You Smittenesque Holidays!!!

by Simone Kornfeld

Dearest Readers, Thank you for joining us in the AskSmitten experience over the past couple months! We LOVE receiving your questions and reading your responses.

If you submitted a question that was not answered, please resubmit it. There was a nasty little bug in our Question Submission page that caused some questions to come through warbled and nonsensical. It is important to us that we reply to your queries, so now that the bug has been squashed, please send them over again.

Over the holiday break we will be regrouping at our unofficial Smitten Headquarters, Harbour Island in the Bahamas. Pink sand definitely makes us wiser, not to mention sexier! So brace yourself for some juicy new content in the New Year.

Oh, and grab STAR MAGAZINE January 1st to see Smitten as one of their “Top 5 Fabulous Things”.

With love and big kisses, Ariel & Simone