I’ve been burned by love in the past, but I’m tired of feeling negative and hopeless about my dating future. Is there something simple I can do to create more positive vibes around romance?

by Simone Kornfeld

Great question. There’s a lot you can do to move through past disappointments, such as therapy, yoga, ice cream ingestion… just about any act of self-love. But one thing to implement immediately is SMILING. Next time you walk down the street, smile at each and every man you pass - or woman if you date women. Smile at the cute guy, smile at the old guy, smile at the teenage guy hauling trash out of the restaurant basement. Really you can smile at everyone, but since we’re on the wavelength of romance, perhaps it ‘s best to be discerning in the name of energy conservation. If you’re bi, well make sure to eat a high protein breakfast that day. You’re going to be shocked at how quickly this will enhance your vibe. It doesn’t matter if you would never date any of these people. The point is to put out what you want to receive, which will then bring it right back to you. Within a few blocks you’ll start feeling the love all around. When you practice smiling you can’t help but feel that life is good, romance is possible, and you will certainly attract the love you want.