I’m single and feeling like a Debby Downer about Valentine’s Day. I don’t want to feel like this! What can I do this V-Day to bring in more loving feelings?

by Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld

Great question! We’ve got two potent suggestions put a little more love in your heart…  

Make Amends

We all know love can bite, bleed and bring us to our knees. Many of us are walking around with old wounds that are still festering and keeping us from opening our hearts once again. So why not make this Valentines an opportunity to heal some past hurts by making amends? Perhaps you dropped an ex on his bum a bit too carelessly. Maybe you were never quite honest with that woman you took out a few times last year. You very well might have some pertinent information, kind words or clarity to give a past lover that could serve to clear the air and mend leftover pains. Do it. Write an email, make a phone call or send a text. If the situation is just too delicate for direct communication, shoot some pointed love through the airwaves by imagining that person wrapped in divine warmth and drenched in joy. The whole human race is woven together—we are, in fact, one. So by making amends with others, you serve to deepen your own humanity and heal your own heart as well.


Harness the Collective Consciousness

The entire nation is going to have its mind on one thing this Valentines Day—love. That’s a whole lot of people focused on the same subject. Don’t let the permeating power of this singular focus go to waste! Use the strength of the collective consciousness to draw in more of what you want. Make a cup of hot cocoa, sit down at your kitchen table and write a detailed list of qualities you would like in your next romantic partner. Draw a bath and add petals of pure white flowers to help attract your next lover. Sit quietly and vividly imagine how you want to feel with your next mate. All of these acts take you onto the vibration of love. Joining your love vibration with that of the population will create synergistic effects. So this V-Day make a point to seduce the power of the whole and experience how deliciously effective conscious collaboration can be.