I want to try online dating but I’m nervous about how to fill out my profile in a way that will attract the right guys. Advice?

by Simone Kornfeld

What fun! Online dating is a delightful way to widen your pool of potential partners, and also a great way to practice your brilliant flirtation on a regular basis. Your profile is very important. It is the hook that will help you reel in just the right fish. But with such vast and plentiful bounty in the sea, you’ll also need your profile to help you filter out the fresh catch from the foul. Fortunately prepping your bait is actually quite simple. As we say in Smitten, authenticity and honesty are your greatest allies in the game of love, and the same goes for your online profile. Answer the questions truthfully. Start by free-writing your stream of consciousness, knowing that you won’t publish the whole thing. If asked about hobbies, write down every single hobby you enjoy. Even calligraphy. Even knitting class. If it’s about the cuisines you love, note your passion for Ethiopian Injera, your weakness for double cheeseburgers and your strange obsession with sea urchin. When answering your partner preferences, be real: “I want a guy that’s badass without being a dick.” Or, “I want a guy who thinks museums are just as boring as I do.” Write what is honest and publish as much as you dare. Don’t be afraid to be disagreeable. You’re not here to please anyone. You’re here to just be you.

Photos: Honestly represent yourself as you are right now. Don’t misrepresent your weight, body type or age. That’s just plain manipulation. Do post pictures from a variety of incarnations: you spiffed up on a night out, you looking sweet and satisfied over brunch, you celebrating 4th of July at your friend’s lake house. But don’t be afraid to present yourself at your very best…never slip off your seashells, but still show what a total sexy mermaid babe you are.

Most importantly, DO NOT be vague. You are not a common minnow. You are an exotic angelfish, full of unique quirks and stirring insights. Phrases to stay away from include: I love to travel, I want a partner who’s as comfortable in evening wear as they are in jeans, I’m very laid back, I love adventure, I have a great sense of humor. These phrases are meaningless and dull as dishwater. The catch of your dreams does NOT dwell in dirty dishwater. Be specific. Be you. They’ll come swimming. We promise.