I secretly enjoy being catcalled on the street. Is that okay?

by Simone Kornfeld

Hell yes that’s okay! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve thanked the heavens for a little construction worker confidence boost. There are days when you need a reminder that you are, in fact, a bodalicious babe. A well-timed catcall can be an amazing pick-me-up after a disappointing date or dreadful dye job (which men don’t ever notice of course). Overt sexual harassment is one thing, but a harmless catcall does not have to be categorized as disempowering or victimizing. You can shed that idea and reap the benefits of the exchange by remembering to just play. In response to a flattering heckle we will take a quick bow or curtsey as a way of owning our apparent hotness. It’s also fun to holler something back like “Thanks! You’re looking pretty good yourself in that shiny orange hard hat!” and then keep on walking. Treat it as a momentary game between the sexes. It ain’t gonna last forever, so you have our full permission to enjoy every admiring whistle and primitive street side remark while you still got it.