Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld have been best buds for just about 15 years. Given that their Zodiac signs are 180 degrees apart ( Ariel is a Taurus, Simone a Scorpio), and that this positioning is ideal for lasting friendship, they feel their camaraderie was written in the stars. 

Through many adventures over these years they've come to appreciate each other's strong points... and not so strong points. When stranded on the streets of an unknown city and Ariel still can't seem to figure which way is north on the map, Simone is there to give it a quick glance and guide the team in the right direction. When Simone is having an emotional meltdown because rainclouds have absolutely ruined their Caribbean vacation, Ariel is there to point out the hidden potential in a sunless holiday. 

Where one falters, the other excels, and it is exactly this balanced dynamic that gives their friendship true dimension and perspective. 

Plus they both really like rocking out on the dance floor. What else could one reasonably ask for from a star-fated cosmic relationship? 

Ariel is a yoga and meditation teacher in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Simone is a Manhattan based psychotherapist treating adults and adolescents. 

"When in Doubt, Flirt."