Ladies, It's Time to Release the Brilliant Flirt Within. Smitten is Here to Show You the Way...

Finally, an empowering dating book for every woman who wants to prioritize fun, express her opinions and keep it real. In Smitten, Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld show you how to let your unique self shine so you can become a blissfully enlightened man-magnet. After all, you're already a joyful, intelligent, beautiful woman. Why not honor and nurture those attributes to attract the men you desire? 

With tips on how to perfect The Look of the flirt, build real confidence and let your true self emerge, Smitten teaches that being exactly who you are will get you exactly what you want--whether that is a smile across the room, a first date, or long term love. So go ahead, belt out the lyrics to your favorite pop song while enthusiastically enjoying your Mai Tai. Soon you'll be turning heads and causing men to become completely, absolutely, downright SMITTEN. 

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It turns out Smitten isn’t just another lonely girls guide to finding a husband, soulmate or knight in shining armor
— New York Daily News
You don’t have to change who you are to land a good guy. This empowering dating guide from best friends Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld explains how any single lady can let her unique self shine to become in their words “ a man-magnet”
— Star Magazine
Ariel and Simone show you how to connect with the opposite sex through subtlety and persistence; whether you think you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert flirter, this book will help you brush up on your skills and learn some new tricks
— Joonbug
Smitten is an interesting book about flirting in a unique way. Smitten is a fun girly read with depth. What I learned from this book is to have confidence, be you and be fearless in flirting.
— Books are Fabulous
This attractive little black book contains some daunting but intriguing suggestions interspersed with tons of practical guidance. Even happily established couples will find something helpful in this fun-to-read book.
— 1001 KRUU The Voice of Fairfield
This book is not at all about flirting! Smitten does an amazing job encouraging the reader to take chances on new experiences, to re-frame our habitual mindset as one of wonder, curiosity and fun
— Dinneen, on Amazon
This is not a typical dating book that encourages game-playing. I’d give this book to anyone who is single.
— Hollis on Amazon
Smitten is witty, powerfully positive and a fantastic resource for any man or women interested in connecting with people by understanding themselves, rather than “changing” themselves
— Caroline on GoodReads
Love, love this book. I’m a boring stay at home mom and this book made me want to hit the streets and flex my flirting muscles!
— Morgan on GoodReads

"Flirt Like NoBody's Watching"